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Peacock House Summer Project





Another side of Peacock House has been completed!  That does it for the siding.

Yesterday Dennis hung the shutters he made and it looks so beautiful.  He has done a marvelous job taking care of Peacock House.

Now, Dennis ….what’s next???!!!

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Our friend Hester

Last year, we had the treat of a guest from Aruba.  Hester is her name and she stayed with us for a month while attending The Summer Keys program for cello and violin. Originally from The Netherlands, Hester teaches music on Aruba and is a very talented musician…who else could take cello and violin at the same time???!!!  During her stay with us on 2013, Hester presented us with a beautiful mosaic of her Aruban Lighthouse and our Lighthouse at West Quoddy (  she had not even visited Lubec when she made it!)  This year, she presented us with a Lobster mosaic.  What a talented woman.  We are so happy to know her and to be able share in her gifts and talents.

Behold, Hester’s original mosaics…..2014 Hestor Lighthouse2014 Hestor Lobster 2

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The Beauty Bush

” There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

Henri Matisse

This Beauty Bush stands right across the street from Peacock House.

In the past I would often say that I wanted this bush for my own.

What a silly idea…each morning I look out my front door and there it is!

What is more perfect than that?


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Bay of Fundy Marathon in Lubec/Campobello


What a wonderful experience for everyone. The Second Bay of Fundy Marathon was held Father’s Day weekend in Lubec, Maine and Campobello Island, Canada.  Runners came from all over the country to run this unique International Race between two countries. Where else can you run from The Easternmost Point in the USA , across a bridge into Canada and see 4 lighthouses along the way? Peacock House guests came from  Maine, New Hampshire, New Brunswick, New York and Spain to run the race.  The Marathon Committee did another fabulous job organizing the race, feeding the participants and making everyone feel right at home. 

Here are some happy faces ..they look great to me! Congratulations to all the runners , the committee members and to the Communities in Campobello and Lubec. It was hard work. Great Job!!!

Look for Next years Race….we would love to have you stay with us at Peacock House!


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Peacock House “Under The Radar”

Hi everyone,

Last evening I attended a meeting and was told Peacock House and Lubec made the Fodor list for “Ten Under the Radar Summer Getaways”. How these things happen is still a mystery to us. Perhaps we had a secret shopper or who knows….??? Anyway , great news!

You can visit and see what it is all about!
Peacock House is described as a “blissful sanctuary complete with piano, fireplace and airy deck.”
To the person who visited us and wrote the item, we send out a big “THANK YOU.”
Season 13 is upon us and we welcome you to Peacock House!
Dwontown Lubec

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

“There is nothing in the world more beautiful than the forest clothed to its very hollows in snow. It is the ecstacy of nature, wherein every spray, every blade of grass, every spire of reed, every intricacy of twig is clad with radiance.”

Merry Christmas from Sue and Dennis at Peacock House

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Season 2013 at Peacock House

2013 Season
Well, our 12th season is at an end and what a season it has been ~ so many happy memories, so many wonderful guests. I thought it would be fun to put together some information to share…here we go!

Top 10 States (in order of the number of guests) :
Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California,Virginia,New York, Ohio, Texas, New Hampshire,Connecticut.

Countries : Canada, The United Kingdom, Italy, The Netherlands, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Switzerland , Uruguay and Thailand

Peter Sagal’s father stayed with us at Peacock House ~ “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” his name…Matt!

Lubec and Campobello joined forces and held the first Bay of Fundy International Marathon. It was great success and is scheduled to be held again on Father’s Day weekend 2014…sign up soon!

FDR International Park remained open during our government shutdown. A big THANK YOU to our good friend and neighbor,Canada.

Dennis renovated the Sun Room at Peacock House ~ a beautiful new space to meet other guests!

The “Mad Painter of Cape Breton” visited with us at Peacock House. Really ~ look him up. Chris Gorey of Ingonesh, Nova Scotia

And most important of all ~ we had the best guests in the world! Thank you for a great season and we will see you in May….have a wonderful winter.

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Magical Music at Peacock House

Magical Music at Peacock House

Where else in the USA can you look out your sunroom window and hear a harpist playing gorgeous Celtic music on your deck?….Why, Peacock House in Lubec, Maine , of course!

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The Easternmost Scandihoovian Oompah Band


Magic surprises happen in Lubec quite often.  The other day , several friends appeared at the door of Peacock House with an obvious intent to do mischief.  Minutes later a band (of sorts )was setting up in my driveway ~ a recorder, a violin, an accordian and a tuba ~ otherwise known as “The Easternmost Scandohoovian Oompah Band.  To the delight of our guests , wonderfully happy and bouncy oompah music filled the air. 



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Boot Cove for Easter

Boot Head Reserve 013

It’s in the 50’s and it’s Easter! What better way to celebrate the coming of Spring(?) than a walk on the Boot Cove Preserve.  The snow is almost gone ~ just bits here and there. The birds were happily soaring above us and chattering away! Happy Easter~ Happy Spring everyone!


Boot Head Reserve 005

Boot Head Reserve 008

Boot Head Reserve 004

Boot Head Reserve 009

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